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Intern Journal: ‘Heart Song’ is Amazing

Lowes Moore III

Lowes Moore III

by Lowes Moore III, Fountain Intern
Yesterday, the best thing happened to me. I booked tickets with one of my good friends to watch Heart Song. After a normal 10am-5pm work day I found my way back to the Fountain to see the show and to also help out whenever needed. I escorted people to their seats while my friend passed out programs. I was not sure what to expect from the play. The only other “flamenco” art I had ever experience was a video Deborah showed me of Timo Nunez on So You Think You Can Dance which was pretty amazing I might say. 
After taking my seat in the front row, the show began. From the very first scene my jaw could not get off of the floor. I was so amazed.  Except for the one third of the show I spent laughing way too hard. The other audience members probably thought I was insane. 
Heart Song is an amazing show about one woman’s life changing transformation.  She is basically bribed and dragged into the flamenco class where she finds self-worth, confidence, family, and strength. The show & cast were wonderful, amazing, superb…Okay you get the point. GO SEE IT!  
"Heart Song" at the Fountain Theatre

“Heart Song” at the Fountain Theatre

It was Denise Blasor’s first show (in the role of Katarina) and might I say she looked as if she had been doing this role for years. I felt particularly special because Denise and I got to hang out for a bit on my first day at the Fountain Theatre.  Basically best friends. 
I am so lucky to be an intern at the Fountain Theatre. If you have not seen Heart Song yet….I suggest you change that. Don’t miss out. 
Last but definitely not least:
Tomorrow is Forever Flamenco at the Ford. There has been so much anticipation around this evening and it is finally HERE. The brochure says it best “A stellar evening of world-class artists together for the first time to celebrate 20 years of Forever Flamenco in Los Angeles and pay tribute to founder Deborah Lawlor.” If you are attending you definitely in for a treat and you know how much everyone loves treats. 🙂
Heart Song  Now to July 14 (323) 663-1525   MORE
Our thanks to the LA County Arts Commision  for their support of the Arts Internship Program. 

Just Added! Timo Nunez Heats Up ‘Forever Flamenco’ This Sunday, Nov 11

Timo Nunez

The Fountain Theatre adds a last-minute, special performance of Forever Flamenco! this Sunday, November 11 with flamenco superstar Timo Nunez. Joining Timo on stage at the Fountain Theatre, L.A.’s foremost intimate venue to view flamenco with only 78 seats in 4 rows, are dancers Briseyda ZarateClara Rodriguez and Corrie Jimenez; singer Jesus Montoya; guitarist Gabriel Osuna; and percussionist Joey Heredia.

Clara Rodriguez

Hailed as “America’s Number One Flamenco Dancer” on FOX TV’s So You Think You Can Dance, Timo Nuñez began dancing ballet and studying musical theatre at the early age of seven in Santa Barbara, California. At the age of nine, he was intensely attracted to Spanish Flamenco Dance and began to study under Linda Vega and Roberto Amaral. Timo quickly began to excel as a young professional performer with the Santa Barbara Civic Light Opera and Juan Talavera’s Men of Flamenco.  At the age of twelve Debbie Allen discovered Timo and his sister Beatrice as a young brother/sister flamenco duo. Simultaneously, Timo began his training in Spain.  Invitations to perform at the Kennedy Center in Debbie Allen’s Pepito’s Story soon followed. Timo later became a member of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy’s faculty as a flamenco instructor. Following High School, Timo was chosen by Kenny Ortega, Julie McDonald and Toni Basil to win the prestigious LA Music Center Spotlight Award for non-classical dance.

Timo now performs and choreographs all over the world from Santa Barbara to Sevilla, New York to Dubai. Timo won the coveted First Place recognition in El Concurso de Baile Flamenco in Albuquerque. He was judged by Israel and Pastora Galvan, Rafael and Adela Campallo and El Torombo, some of the most renowned flamenco dancers of all time.

Forever Flamenco   Sunday, Nov 11  (323) 663-1525   More