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Fountain Earns 9 LA Weekly Theater Award Nominations, including “Best Revival Production of the Year” and “Best New Play”

“A House Not Meant to Stand” and “Bakersfield Mist”

"A House Not Meant to Stand"

On April 2, L.A. Weekly will honor the best work on intimate stages in Los Angeles from 2011 at the 33rd annual L.A. Weekly Theater Awards. The Fountain Theatre has received 9 LA Weekly Theater Award nominations for plays produced in 2011.

  • Revival Production of the Year – House Not Meant to Stand
  • Lead Female Performance – Sandy Martin, A House Not Meant to Stand
  • Supporting Female Performance – Lisa Richards, A House Not Meant to Stand
  • Two-Person Performance – Bakersfield Mist (Jenny O’Hara and Nick Ullett), Fountain Theatre
  • Playwriting – Stephen Sachs, Bakersfield Mist
  • Production Design – A House Not Meant to Stand
  • Set DesignJeff McLaughlin, A House Not Meant to Stand
  • Sound Design – Peter Bayne, A House Not Meant to Stand
  • Projection Design – Keith Skretch, A House Not Meant to Stand 
Our love and gratitude to all of the artists who contributed their time and talent to our 2011 season last year. And to our fabulous Members and audiences who helped make 2011 one of our most successful years ever!

"Bakersfield Mist"

The LA Weekly Awards are always a high-octane affair, sort of the “anti-Award Show”. Loud, raucous, rebellious. Each year following a different “theme”. This year, the event will be a replication of the first-ever theater awards ceremony, circa 450 B.C., honoring Dionysus, god of fertility and wine. Lauren Ludwig directs music/sketch comedy troupe Lost Moon Radio, hosts of the Greek bash at the Avalon in Hollywood.

The dress code  is togas (if you insist on bringing out that leather jacket or cocktail dress, be sure to tuck your toga underneath it). Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:30. Buffet after. Come party with us. Tickets cost $25 and will go on sale Feb. 23. (310) 574-7208.

Stage and Cinema: Fountain is “Best Theater” in 2011

by Harvey Perr

BEST THEATER: The Fountain Theatre, which housed the year’s greatest artistic achievement, a gorgeous production of Tennessee Williams’ A House Not Meant to Stand (which proved, once and for all, that Williams was never on the decline and that he could still write a play in his later years that had more life in it than the work of most playwrights working today), and the year’s dandiest commercial entertainment, Stephen Sachs’ Bakersfield Mist.

"Bakersfield Mist"

BEST PLAYS: Bakersfield Mist (Stephen Sachs); Personal Choice:  A House Not Meant to Stand (Tennessee Williams).

"A House Not Meant to Stand"

BEST DIRECTION:  Simon Levy (A House Not Meant to Stand )

BEST PRODUCTION:  A House Not Meant to Stand.

SET DESIGN:  Jeff McLaughlin (A House Not Meant to Stand; Bakersfield Mist)

COSTUME DESIGN:  Naila Aladdin-Sanders (A House Not Meant to Stand )

THE BEST PERFORMANCES OF THE YEAR: Although there are probably more actors concentrated in Los Angeles than in any other city of the world, there seems to be an ambivalence here towards the art of stage acting. First-rate actors rarely get singled out and are frequently lumped together with second and third-rate actors, to the advantage of neither. And actors – who are, after all, the life-blood of live theater – can make or break the production of a play, a fact that seems to go unappreciated. There were, for example, some performances this year which, had they been seen in London or New York, would have been considered career-transforming performances, and those performances are the ones I am giving the top place in my list:

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin was wonderful in Tennessee Williams’ A House Not Meant to Stand ; she brought the play itself with her onto the stage the moment she made her dazed entrance and embraced its poignancy and its wackiness simultaneously.

Of course, the women Williams created were particularly memorable, and, again, in A House Not Meant to Stand , Sandy Martin had some extraordinary support from Lisa Richards and Virginia Newcomb who were hilariously funny and, at the same time, incredibly moving in small but vividly written parts – the former as a woman who refused to grow old and the latter as a girl who hadn’t yet grown up.

Jenny O'Hara

And Jenny O’Hara found a myriad of ways in which to instill dignity into the liveliest piece of trailer trash one is ever likely to come across in Stephen Sachs’ Bakersfield Mist – trailer trash with some ideas on Art that reduces an art curator to dithering.

It was, as they say, a very good year. Here’s to 2012.

Harvey Perr writes for Stage and Cinema.

What Would Be on Your “Best of 2011” List for the Fountain Theatre?

The end of another year is upon us. With the year-end parties and New Year resolutions come the flurry from Los Angeles theater critics of “Best of 2011” lists. The Fountain is pleased to appear on several. Which Fountain plays and artists would be on your “Best of 2011” list?

Jenny O'Hara and Nick Ullett in "Bakerfield Mist"

The Fountain produced two plays in 2011: the west coast premiere of  Tennessee Williams‘ rarely seen A House Not Meant to Stand, and the long-running world premiere of Bakersfield Mist written and directed by Stephen Sachs. Both productions drew critical acclaim and have already been honored with awards and nominations.

The Critics’ Lists: “Best of 2011”

The Huffington Post named BOTH Fountain productions to its Top LA Theater Productions list:

  • A House Not Meant to Stand – “There is no better interpreter of Williams than director Simon Levy … a stunning performance by Sandy Martin.”
  • Bakersfield Mist – “A dynamic two-hander … O’Hara and Ullett are sensational … It’s no surprise the play is being mounted in other theatres across the U.S. and has been optioned for the West End and New York.”

The LA Weekly cited Bakersfield Mist as one of the “Top 10 LA Theater Experiences of 2011“.  

Sandy Martin in "A House Not Meant to Stand".

On its list of “The Best in LA Theatre for 2011 BroadwayWorld named Bakersfield Mist  as a Top Production, and acknowledged Sandy Martin (House Not Meant to Stand) and Jenny O’Hara/Nick Ullett (Bakersfield Mist) as Top Lead Performances, Virginia Newcomb/Lisa Richards (House Not Meant to Stand) for Featured Performances.

Colin Mitchell at Bitter Lemons named Bakersfield Mist to his Honorable Mention list, stating it “may turn out to be one of the most successful shows to come out of the small theatre scene in Los Angeles in a very long time.”

Let’s hope that next year proves him right.

What was your favorite favorite play at the Fountain in 2011? Favorite performance by a Fountain actor? Favorite moment or strongest memory at the Fountain in 2011?

Leave your comment! And Happy New Year!

Fountain Nabs 9 Ovation Nominations, including “Best Season” for Overall Excellence

The Fountain Theatre received 9 Ovation Award nominations last night, including the prestigious nod for overall Best Season.  Three Fountain productions comprised the 2010-11 Ovation season: The Train Driver, A House Not Meant to Stand, and Bakersfield Mist.

The Fountain has been nominated for Best Season every year since the newly created category was launched three years ago. The Fountain won the award last year. The Fountain has the distinction of being honored with more Ovation nominations and awards than any other intimate theatre in the history of the Ovation Awards.

Sandy Martin in "A House Not Meant to Stand"

This Ovation season, Sandy Martin has been nominated Best Leading Actress in a Play for her performance as Bella McCorkle in A House Not Meant to Stand.

Our fabulous Fountain designers were acknowledged for their dazzling skill and artistry.

Set designer Jeff McLaughlin pulled an unprecedented hat-trick by being nominated for Best Set Design for all three Fountain productions: The Train Driver, Bakersfield  Mist, and A House Not Meant to Stand.

Fountain sound designers Peter Bayne (A House Not Meant to Stand) and David Marling (The Train Driver) both received Best Sound Design nominations.

Ken Booth was nominated for Best Lighting Design for both The Train Driver and A House Not Meant to Stand.

Set Designer Jeff McLaughlin

Click here for the full list of 2011 Ovation nominees.

The 2010/2011 Ovation Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday, November 14, 2011, 7:30 pm, at The Orpheum Theatre in Downtown LA.