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Now Hiring! Paid Summer Internship at Fountain Theatre

Seeking Undergrad College Student for Paid Summer Internship

Know a college student looking for a job this summer? A student who likes theater? Enjoys working in an office? Is bright, organized, good with people, and eager to learn? The Fountain has a job for him/her this summer.
Supported by a grant from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the purpose of the internship is to provide an undergraduate student with meaningful on-the-job training and experience in working in nonprofit arts organizations, while assisting arts organizations to develop future arts leaders. Students eligible for the internship position must be currently enrolled undergraduate college students who are residents of and/or attending college in Los Angeles County.
Students must have completed at least one semester of college by June 1, 2015 or will complete their undergraduate degree between May 1 – September 1, 2015 in order to be eligible to participate. Students who have already earned a BA, BS or a higher degree are not eligible.
Students who have previously participated in the Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program are not eligible to participate a second time.
2014 Fountain interns Gabby Lamm and Alice Kors

2014 Fountain interns Gabby Lamm and Alice Kors

A 10 week paid summer internship (40 hours/week) starting no earlier than June 1 and ending no later than August 28. Pay is $400 per week.  The Fountain is seeking one intern this summer for Development.
The Development Intern will work closely with the Director of Development to create and launch new fundraising and grant writing campaigns. The intern will assist in targeting and contacting new funding sources, creating and implementing new fundraising materials, assist in individual contribution programs, and facilitate special events for donors and community partners. Under professional guidance, he/she will learn and develop grant writing skills to create and submit new grant proposals to major foundations. To assist in gathering the data required for specific grant applications. Other duties will include general administrative tasks, basic data base management, computer entry, administrative tasks, word-processing, phone activity, daily interaction with office staff. The Intern will be welcomed into the Fountain Family, requiring a candidate who is interested in joining a team and learning many aspects of running an intimate non-profit theatre.
2013 Fountain intern Lowes Moore

2013 Fountain intern Lowes Moore

The intern candidate must have basic computer and word-processing skills (PC, Word, Excel, Internet), good communication skills and pleasant phone manner, organizational skills, be detail oriented, and have the ability to multi-task in an intimate office environment. A sense of humor and a willingness to learn many aspects of theatre management. S/he should be self-motivated and have the ability to take initiative when required. S/he should also have a passion for theater. Excellent writing and editing skills. An ability to work effectively both independently and cooperatively. Creativity, enthusiasm for learning, and an outgoing, friendly demeanor.
Please email cover letter and resume to Barbara Goodhill, Director of Development, at barbara@fountaintheatre.com.
Deadline to apply: May 1st, 2015
The Fountain Theatre thanks the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the LA County Board of Supervisors for supporting the 2015 Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program.



Intern Journal: Summer of Love with the Fountain Theatre Must Come to an End

Lowes and the Fountain Family.

Lowes and the Fountain Family.

by Lowes Moore III

Hello everyone, this is Lowes Lee Moore III one last time.

As you know The Los Angeles County Arts Commission gave me a 10-week Internship with the Fountain Theatre as the Development Intern. YAAAAY!!! I am very sad to say that today marks the end of the internship. It is extremely upsetting to have to leave such a loving family of beautiful theater-making individuals. Every day they have welcomed me with warm smiles, hugs, and valuable lessons. I am truly blessed to have been a member of the Fountain Theatre Family.

I thought it would be funny to take some of my journal entries from my first two weeks on the job so you can see for yourselves how great my summer has been.

photo by Lowes

photo by Lowes

[6/4/2013] Day 1: Today I met Stephen, Deborah, Scott and Diana. They showed me to my desk, which had a laptop, office supplies, and a phone. The scariest part of the day was the phone rang 3x. Of course I didn’t answer. What am I suppose to say? It’s my first day. Give me a break. Stephen gave me a task to complete over the next few days to get me started. I took that as a challenge. I got to meet Denise Blasor, one of the new actors in the Fountain Theatre play Heart Song written by the very own Stephen Sachs himself. She did a KPFK radio interview which was pretty cool because I got to sit in the room while it happened. They do a lot Flamenco-y things in this place. I probably should look up Flamenco sometime between today and tomorrow. It’s definitely a thing here.

Notes[6/7/2013] Day 4: Today there was a lot of traffic. Being from New York I guess I’ll never understand LA traffic shenanigans. The second I got to the office I was put in charge of 4 tasks! They waste no time here and are going to use every bit of me they can. Well, lucky for them that is why I am here. The most daunting task of all was doing computer research and e-mailing for artist who will donate over 100 CD’s for Forever Flamenco! At the Ford. Apparently, this event is going to be big and I need to get with the program fast. After archiving for about 15 minutes with Deb I had to take a break. There is some much history here at the Fountain. Every time I look at the information that needs to be archived I get exhausted/flustered/overwhelmed/distracted. But hey, who’s complaining really. Deb told me to get rid of items that had too many extra copies but could not watch me and would not let me throw anything away without saying “Let me see that…let me see the copies.” This was going to be a long project I could tell.

FT Deb stretching

photo by Lowes

We decided to call it a day and I joined Deb in some stretching and dancing to cool off. She demanded I research Flamenco dancers who’ve been through the Fountain Theatre like Timo Nunez, Maria Bermudez, and Mizuho Sato to name a few. She, politely, threatened me saying, “you will not be allowed to stay here very long if you don’t come see my Flamenco show” in her most seriously voice but with her most vibrant and loving smile. I am pretty sure Deb was an amazing dancer back in the day. She has moves. That has been confirmed.

hot dogs[6/13/2013] Day 8: Today was my day of funny events. This morning I laughed with Stephen about how hectic my no car situation is. It felt good to just talk about it. We hung out and ate some hotdogs, which he says is one of our normal Fountain lunch meals. Who knew I would like hotdogs so much. After, I was sitting at my desk when Scott & Diana were working on the phones in the other room but forgot to tell me. Diana fussed me out for answering the phone. “Are you serious? We are checking the phones? Come on Lowes?” which is the pretty censored version haha. I was really embarrassed because Diana is kind of scary. Diana came right over and glared at me for 2 minutes. Then she smiled & chuckled and said “hey Lowes, next time read my mind…that was a joke!!!” Boy, did I need some time to process that one. Today was one of the first days I bonded with James (the head box office person but he is MANAGER now) as I refer to him on the phone. He is really funny and right around the corner from my desk. Sooner or later he’ll get annoyed with my 1,000 questions. Today I definitely had a lot but he did not seem to mind at all. We had our first staff meeting before the show at the Ford. I failed for the first time on the job. I could not find anyone to donate the CD’s that we asked for.

Lowes and flamenco dancer Timo Nunez

Lowes and dancer Timo Nunez backstage at Forever Flamenco at the Ford

[6/14/2013] Day 9: Just kidding I cannot believe how great today was. After I got home last night. I got an e-mail from a company willing to donate 100 CDs. Stephen and the rest of the FT family were so proud. Apparently, I’m a “boss.” If you do not know what that means…well it means I’M THE MAN!!! Yup and to top it off I surprised Stephen with his favorite Chicken Avocado burrito from El Pollo Loco. Yes it was a pretty great day. As if the day couldn’t get any better, Simon tells me that I get to help him on the producing side of theatre. “This is the fun part of the internship” he says. I get to help with a show he is directing in September called “The Normal Heart.” I am so excited to get started on that project. Simon seems like a very fun person to work with. He gets so intense and is so knowledgeable I can’t help but be amazed majority of the time.

LowesI can’t even begin to process all of the great things that have happened to me this summer. I have learned many new tools and have met so many great people. I got to spend a summer in the office of a Non-Profit Organization who does everything possible to bring quality work to a diverse Los Angeles Community. I finally learned what Flamenco is and have seen some of the best in Los Angeles. I’ve seen Heart Song and had the privilege of working under the writer for my entire stay at the Fountain Theatre. I did research on and helped advertise one of the greatest American Play’s, the The Normal Heart, revival in Los Angeles after 15+ years.

Here are some other areas I helped in while at the Fountain Theatre:

Artist Relations*Box Office Work*Document Managing/Organizing*Entering Transfers & Journal Entries into QuickBooks*Helping Fundraise/Donation*Archiving*General Office Work*Casting Monitor*Assistant Handyman*Running Errands*Grant Research/Preparation*Blogging*

FT Lowes James

Lowes and box office dude James Bennett

I’ve found a family here at the Fountain Theatre. Everyday forward I will be grateful for all of the wisdom and knowledge this experience has given me. Even though I am very sad to leave and go back to school. I happy I have found another home in East Hollywood at the intersection of Fountain and Normandie. When I walked out of the office after my first day I felt something deep down. There is something special here at the Fountain. It must be in the water. And as I walk out of the office today I know I’ll feel it again. Love.

HairsprayThis upcoming school year I will be diving into intense coursework in classes such as Econometrics, Macro-economics, Music of Western Culture, & Community Literacy. I also will be the section leader for our Glee Club for the second year in a row. Our Glee Club is traveling to Spain & Portugal on tour in January. I will be serving on the executive board, as treasurer of our schools largest club on campus called Dance Production. I will be a Tour Guide for my second year and a music scholarship student for my third year. Lastly, from August 24th to October 12th I am in the production of Hairspray The Broadway Musical at the Glendale Centre Theatre. This summer has opened up doors for me to work in many different aspects of the arts.

I want to give a special thank you to the Los Angeles Arts Commission for allowing me this opportunity to gain more experience in the work place. Thank you Fountain Family: Stephen, Deborah, Simon, Scott, Diana, James, Barbara and everyone else who played such integral parts in making this one of the best summer experiences yet.



Development Intern at the Fountain Theatre 2013.

Enjoy These Fountain Snapshots by Lowes

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Intern Journal: Creating Art with Community

Lowes assisting with auditions for The Normal Heart.

Lowes assisting with auditions for The Normal Heart.

by Lowes Moore III

Hello Fountain Theatre Family!!! It’s Lowes again. I am just ending my 6th week here at the Fountain. My time here has been unbelievable. This summer I’ve done more things than I can wrap my head around. The highlight these past few weeks has been getting to work very closely with the beginnings of the Fountain’s next production, The Normal Heart. Not seen in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. If you do not know the premise of the story I’ll give it to you in a nutshell from our website:

“The iconic American play about a nation in denial. THE NORMAL HEART unfolds like a real-life political thriller—as a tight-knit group of friends refuses to let doctors, politicians and the press bury the truth of an unspoken epidemic behind a wall of silence. A quarter-century after it was written, this outrageous, unflinching, and totally unforgettable look at the sexual politics of New York during the AIDS crisis remains one of the theatre’s most powerful evenings ever. First produced by Joseph Papp at New York’s Public Theater, the play was a critical sensation and a seminal moment in theater history. The play was so ahead of its time that many of the core issues it addresses – including gay marriage, a broken healthcare system and, of course, AIDS – are just as relevant today as they were when it first premiered.”

I have read the play about 5 times now and each time something new unravels. On paper the play is so powerful.  Imagine what it is going to do on the stage. I have had the privilege of being the casting monitor for the audition process. I have loved every second working with Simon Levy (director) and Raul Staggs (casting director). I get to be around the atmosphere without any stress of auditioning. I can definitely get used to this.

An actor auditions.

An actor auditions for ‘The Normal Heart’.

On another note, I have been spending a lot of time doing research online and reaching out to various communities. For the extension of Heart Song, I have contacted many Jewish organizations and they have been very excited to come to see the show.

 I have also been doing the same kind of community engagement for The Normal Heart. Many LGBTQ organizations have missions similar to the parts taken from the LA Gay & Lesbian center below.

To empower people to lead full and rewarding lives without limits based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

To heal the damage caused by discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, by providing the highest quality health and social services to residents of Los Angeles County in need.

To advocate full access and equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

To lead through example, by living our values, sharing our expertise, and celebrating the full diversity of our lives, families, and communities.

The play was so ahead of its time when it was first produced that many of the core issues it addresses – including gay marriage, a broken healthcare system and, of course, AIDS – are just as relevant today as they were when it first premiered. It is so important that we continue to keep our community involved in the art. Because without the community there would be no art. 

Meet Our Summer Intern, Lowes Moore

Lowes Moore

Lowes Moore

Hi, I’m Lowes Moore III. I am currently the Development Intern at the Fountain Theatre. I am a rising junior at Occidental College in Los Angeles. I major in Economics, with an emphasis in business, and my minor is in Music, with an emphasis in vocal performance.

I developed a passion for the arts at a very young age. I started singing in my church at 3 years old and acting at a children’s theater company in New York City at 9 years old. I recently developed a passion for economics/business and have decided to further pursue arts business as a possible career. I am originally from Mount Vernon, New York but have found my way to Los Angeles for college. The beautiful California weather and the endless opportunities for growth in the arts have lured me here.

 On campus at Occidental College I am: the tenor section leader of Oxy’s glee club, a member of Oxy’s all-male acapella group, taking voice lessons, a tour guide, a resident advisor, a treasurer of Oxy’s largest club on campus called Dance Production, an executive board member of Oxy’s hip-hop class, a part of the black students alliance and Christian club, to name a few. On occasion I help Oxy’s women’s basketball team during practice.

 I am very excited to be interning at the Fountain Theatre. I look forward to working with the Fountain Family to nurture a diverse realm of arts in the Los Angeles Community. I am most excited about getting to create relationships with my new co-workers/family and I am proud to call the Fountain Theatre my home for summer 2013.

The Fountain Theatre thanks the Los Angeles County Arts Commission for the support of its Summer Internship program.