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Now Hiring! Paid Summer Internship at Fountain Theatre

Seeking Undergrad College Student for Paid Summer Internship

Know a college student looking for a job this summer? A student who likes theater? Enjoys working in an office? Is bright, organized, good with people, and eager to learn? The Fountain has a job for him/her this summer.
Supported by a grant from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the purpose of the internship is to provide an undergraduate student with meaningful on-the-job training and experience in working in nonprofit arts organizations, while assisting arts organizations to develop future arts leaders. Students eligible for the internship position must be currently enrolled undergraduate college students who are residents of and/or attending college in Los Angeles County.
Students must have completed at least one semester of college by June 1, 2015 or will complete their undergraduate degree between May 1 – September 1, 2015 in order to be eligible to participate. Students who have already earned a BA, BS or a higher degree are not eligible.
Students who have previously participated in the Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program are not eligible to participate a second time.
2014 Fountain interns Gabby Lamm and Alice Kors

2014 Fountain interns Gabby Lamm and Alice Kors

A 10 week paid summer internship (40 hours/week) starting no earlier than June 1 and ending no later than August 28. Pay is $400 per week.  The Fountain is seeking one intern this summer for Development.
The Development Intern will work closely with the Director of Development to create and launch new fundraising and grant writing campaigns. The intern will assist in targeting and contacting new funding sources, creating and implementing new fundraising materials, assist in individual contribution programs, and facilitate special events for donors and community partners. Under professional guidance, he/she will learn and develop grant writing skills to create and submit new grant proposals to major foundations. To assist in gathering the data required for specific grant applications. Other duties will include general administrative tasks, basic data base management, computer entry, administrative tasks, word-processing, phone activity, daily interaction with office staff. The Intern will be welcomed into the Fountain Family, requiring a candidate who is interested in joining a team and learning many aspects of running an intimate non-profit theatre.
2013 Fountain intern Lowes Moore

2013 Fountain intern Lowes Moore

The intern candidate must have basic computer and word-processing skills (PC, Word, Excel, Internet), good communication skills and pleasant phone manner, organizational skills, be detail oriented, and have the ability to multi-task in an intimate office environment. A sense of humor and a willingness to learn many aspects of theatre management. S/he should be self-motivated and have the ability to take initiative when required. S/he should also have a passion for theater. Excellent writing and editing skills. An ability to work effectively both independently and cooperatively. Creativity, enthusiasm for learning, and an outgoing, friendly demeanor.
Please email cover letter and resume to Barbara Goodhill, Director of Development, at barbara@fountaintheatre.com.
Deadline to apply: May 1st, 2015
The Fountain Theatre thanks the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the LA County Board of Supervisors for supporting the 2015 Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program.



Lipstick, S’mores and Being Part of a Family

Gabby BROTHERS SIZE Opening Night

Summer Internship Ends But a Fountain Home Remains

by Gabby Lamm

How do I possibly I write a blog post that encapsulates all that I’ve learned at The Fountain this summer?  Without it being 100 pages and then some.

I could make a list of all the technical skills I’ve learned from the tutelage of Stephen, Simon, Barbara, James, Scott, and Deb over the past 10 weeks.  Among many other things:  I now know the ins and outs of soliciting: the necessity of following up, the intricate art of phone calls, messages, and emails, and all oh-so-crucial thank you note. I have practiced reading and evaluating plays, I have attended performances on behalf of the theatre, and I even helped to plan and execute The Fountain’s first ever Student Night. I have fought with my fair share of printers, and actually won some of those battles. These are all things that I can (and most assuredly will) list on my resume.

Gabby, Barbara Goodhill & Alice Kors

Gabby, Barbara Goodhill & Alice Kors

But that will not be my answer when I’m asked what I learned during my summer internship at The Fountain Theatre.

What will my answer be? Thanks for asking!

I learned how to work as part of a team. I learned about determination, about not giving up even when everything indicates that I won’t succeed. I learned the value of optimism and positivity when dreaming up a project. I learned how important it is to work through anxiety and self-doubt, and the amazing things that will then follow after  putting those feelings aside and trusting that I can rely on my team if something goes wrong. I learned some really great jokes.

Best of all, I am now able to call a group of amazing and inspirational people my family.

Thank you to Stephen, Simon, and Deb for allowing me to go beyond what was outlined in my job description to experience the wide variety of responsibilities involved in working a theatre.

Alice, Gabby, William, Barbara & Scott

                                   Alice, Gabby, William, Barbara & Scott

Thank you to Barbara for the incredible lessons you taught me, not only regarding fundraising and event planning, but also general life skills that have already begun to have a tremendous impact on my life outside of work.

Thank you to James for putting up with my near constant questions, whether about the box office and our patrons or the devil machines (also called printers), and for listening to my awful jokes and pretending they were funny.

Thank you to Scott for making me laugh at jokes even more terrible than my own, for showing and explaining the technical aspects of theatre not involved in my desk job, and for fixing my necklace that one time and my glasses that other time.

Thank you to William for bringing a smile and a positive presence every time you came to the office.

Gabby & Misty check their lipstick at 'Forever Flamenco'

Gabby & Misty check their lipstick at ‘Forever Flamenco’

Thank you to Licia for enduring front row seats to the intern desks every time you were in the office.

Thank you to Terri for letting me watch the show from the booth (which is most certainly not built for 3 people, and making it work anyway).

Thank you to Misty for your truly invaluable help and support during Student Night and Forever Flamenco! at the Ford, and for letting me use your lipstick.

Gabby Lamm & Alice Kors

Gabby Lamm & Alice Kors

And, last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to Alice, my partner in crime and lunchtime, for working with me day in and day out; for encouraging me when I doubted myself; for providing endless entertainment, jokes, and snapchat opportunities; for modeling what it looks like to be passionate about your dreams and how to believe in a goal until you make it happen. Oh, and also for that s’mores sandwich on our last day of work. Yum.

I am very sad to have to leave my post at The Fountain, but I know that I will be back for every show and event that happens when I am in town. I am proud to call myself a permanent member part of the Fountain Family.

Our thanks to the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and County Board of Supervisors for their support of the Summer Arts Internship program.  

Young Audiences Enjoy Student Night at the Fountain Theatre

 Students gather in the Fountain Cafe before the performance.

Students gather in the Fountain Cafe before the performance.

Students See ‘The Brothers Size’ with Q&A and Party After

Was that fun, or what? Last night was our first Student Night at the Fountain. And judging from the energy it created, it won’t be our last. Created and launched by our two fab interns Alice Kors and Gabby Lamm, Student Night targeted young audiences to encourage them to see our acclaimed LA Premiere of The Brothers Size by Tarell Alvin McCraney.  The evening also included a Q&A discussion with the cast and director followed by a party upstairs in the cafe.

For many students, this was their first visit to the Fountain Theatre. For one student, it was the first play she had ever seen. “It was wonderful,” she beamed. “Theatre is better than TV! Now I want to see more.”

Our interns Alice and Gabby worked very hard creating, producing and hosting the event. Their enthusiastic labor paid off last night and well into the future: Student Night will now become a regular ongoing program at the Fountain.  

Directed by Shirley Jo Finney and starring Gilbert Glenn Brown, Matthew Hancock and Theodore Perkins, our Los Angeles premiere of The Brothers Size is earning rave reviews everywhere. It is highlighted as Critic’s Choice in the LA Times and is “Ovation Recommended’.  This powerful, joyous and deeply moving production has been extended to September 14.

Enjoy These Snapshots from Student Night

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Fountain Interns Launch New Student Night for ‘The Brothers Size’ This Thursday July 24

Student Night

Fountain Theatre summer interns Alice Kors and Gabby Lamm have launched Student Night, a new Fountain program aimed at attracting young audiences.  The first Student Night will be this Thursday, July 24th at 8pm for the Fountain’s acclaimed Los Angeles premiere of The Brothers Size by Tarell Alvin McCraney.

“Are you a theatre-loving student?” ask Kors and Lamm. “Do you like cheap theatre tickets, talkbacks with actors and producers, and supporting small independent theatres? Come check out this one-night-only offer: hal-price tickets to see The Fountain Theatre’s production of The Brothers Size. For only $17, you can come see the show, meet the actors and producers, mingle with other students and attend a reception in The Fountain Cafe right above the theatre. “

Gilbert Glenn brown  and Matthew Hancock (photo by Ed Krieger)

Gilbert Glenn Brown and Matthew Hancock (photo by Ed Krieger)

The Brothers Size is …

CRITIC’S CHOICE! “Dazzling!” Los Angeles Times

“The best theater I’ve seen this year!” Eye Spy LA

“Seamless physicality and dramatic urgency.” LA Weekly

“Joyous! Exuberantly theatrical!” Broadway World 

“Excellent! Compelling!” Stage and Cinema 

The theatre hopes that Student Night at the Fountain becomes a permanent ongoing program at the Fountain. It is planned to continue for future productions long after Alice and Gabby have completed their summer internships here and have returned to their respective colleges. A nice legacy created by two intelligent and ambitious summer interns eager to invite more young people to the Fountain. 

Gabby Lamm and Alice Kors

Gabby Lamm and Alice Kors

Student Night TH JULY 24 8pm * For more information or to order tickets without a service charge, please call (323) 663-1525, or email student interns Alice Kors (alice@fountaintheatre.com) and Gabby Lamm (gabby@fountaintheatre.com)

Intimate Theatre Offers Larger Expression of Feeling at the Fountain


Matthew Hancock and Gilbert Glenn Brown

Matthew Hancock and Gilbert Glenn Brown

by Alice Kors

I had the privilege of attending the opening night of The Fountain Theatre’s production of The Brothers Size. This show is the Los Angeles Premiere penned by up and coming playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney. The Brothers Size tells the story of two Louisiana-born brother’s, Ogun Henri and Oshoosi Size, coping with the younger brother’s release from prison—a story where emotions truly run the gamut.

This performance was not long after my orientation as The Fountain Theatre’s production intern and marked my first experience as an audience member there. Throughout the show, I was struck by the poignant tenor so delicately and accessibly expressed in the intimate space. The theatre is on the cozier side and its size, in my opinion, allows for a much greater expansion of feeling.

This was especially evidenced in my favorite moment of the play—the climax that carried the audience on a wave of thrill until the dénouement. Throughout the show the use of Yoruba mythology inspired rhythm, voice, movement and song brought out visceral elements that transcended sheer words. In this particular section, despite the tumultuous conflict of Oshooshi’s return from jail, the brothers share a minute of musical sunshine amidst the haze of doubt, fear and change surrounding their Bayou home. Little brother Oshooshi is goaded by his older brother Ogun to sing to him before they go to sleep. Much to his chagrin, but clearly obvious veiled delight, Oshooshi proceeds to put on an instrumental track to Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness.”

The duet that follows is a cathartic haven from the powerful, tear-filled monologues, which precede this moment. The “tender” bit of this song could not be felt more strongly. A burst sheer joy and love exuded from both performers which had the audience completely arrested.

I was leaning at the very edge of my seat, practically breathing down the necks of those sitting in front of me. Around me, passionate cheers and hollers flooded the room, topped by a mighty cry of “Sing it, baby!” from the back row.

Alice orientation

Alice Kors

And with that sentiment from an anonymous patron, I understood why this show was so special. In its entirety, The Brothers Size takes a valiant approach to vulnerability from all performers. As a society, we have such trouble letting people truly see us for the things we really are, both the good and the ugly. However, it is theatre pieces like these that remind me there are still those who are willing to put everything on the line for all to see. The total commitment to story, to character, to McCraney’s beautiful unique writing style, not only led the audience in, but moved them to impulsively participate. Coupled with the simplicity of this brilliant directing, the actors generously, tenderly, invited us in. That is truly a gift worth cheering about.

The Brothers Size Now – July 27 (323) 663-1525  MORE 

Alice’s Intern Journal: I Hope to Run a Theatre Company Someday

by Alice Kors

Alice Kors

Alice Kors

My name is Alice Kors and I am the production half of the interns for The Fountain Theatre this summer. Born and raised in West Los Angeles, I currently attend New York University where I am pursuing a BFA in acting within the Atlantic Acting School. In addition to my love of performance, I someday hope to direct theatre and run a theatre company based out of New York (maybe even The Public Theater or Roundabout???). My personal artistic hero is actor/director/amazing person Mark Rylance—the phenomenal amount of work he has accomplished as an award winning actor and artistic director is both extraordinary and inspiring. Following after his model, and the model of other countless artists I look up to, I strive to someday have the best of both worlds by also becoming an actor/director/potentially amazing person. Also, Mark Rylance has three Tony Awards under his belt, which doesn’t sound too bad, either. I am an avid reader of Shakespeare and classic literature, an (aspiring) writer, and someone who tends to get a bit overly excited about environmental studies, space and science in a general. The Star Wars inspired dreams of becoming either an astronaut or space princess shall never fade. Perhaps I do the Universe-Premiere of Lady Macbeth in a galaxy far, far away. I have been wildly passionate about theatre and the arts since I was a very tiny, young person and I hope to share that love with everyone and anyone. I truly believe that theatre not only has the power to transcend worlds and barriers, but that it reaches people’s honest empathy and compassion in a way that only a live, humanistic art form can. This summer I am over the moon (in case I didn’t have enough space imagery) to be working for The Fountain Theatre: a truly excellent, prestigious and loving community of artists and professionals. I am thrilled to embark on this ten-week artistic expedition and so look forward to working with everyone at this magnificent theatre!

The Fountain Theatre thanks the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles County Arts Commission for the support of their Summer Internship Program.