Alice’s Intern Journal: I Hope to Run a Theatre Company Someday

by Alice Kors

Alice Kors

Alice Kors

My name is Alice Kors and I am the production half of the interns for The Fountain Theatre this summer. Born and raised in West Los Angeles, I currently attend New York University where I am pursuing a BFA in acting within the Atlantic Acting School. In addition to my love of performance, I someday hope to direct theatre and run a theatre company based out of New York (maybe even The Public Theater or Roundabout???). My personal artistic hero is actor/director/amazing person Mark Rylance—the phenomenal amount of work he has accomplished as an award winning actor and artistic director is both extraordinary and inspiring. Following after his model, and the model of other countless artists I look up to, I strive to someday have the best of both worlds by also becoming an actor/director/potentially amazing person. Also, Mark Rylance has three Tony Awards under his belt, which doesn’t sound too bad, either. I am an avid reader of Shakespeare and classic literature, an (aspiring) writer, and someone who tends to get a bit overly excited about environmental studies, space and science in a general. The Star Wars inspired dreams of becoming either an astronaut or space princess shall never fade. Perhaps I do the Universe-Premiere of Lady Macbeth in a galaxy far, far away. I have been wildly passionate about theatre and the arts since I was a very tiny, young person and I hope to share that love with everyone and anyone. I truly believe that theatre not only has the power to transcend worlds and barriers, but that it reaches people’s honest empathy and compassion in a way that only a live, humanistic art form can. This summer I am over the moon (in case I didn’t have enough space imagery) to be working for The Fountain Theatre: a truly excellent, prestigious and loving community of artists and professionals. I am thrilled to embark on this ten-week artistic expedition and so look forward to working with everyone at this magnificent theatre!

The Fountain Theatre thanks the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles County Arts Commission for the support of their Summer Internship Program.

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  1. We (at the Fountain) are truly blessed to have you and Gabby as interns this year! Thank you for sharing your journal entry with your thoughts, feelings and aspirations about life in the Theatre…it is qui1te inspiring for me -and helps me remember why I’m here! Thank you, Alice

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