Gabby’s Intern Journal: Hello Fountain Family!

by Gabby Lamm

Gabby Lamm

Gabby Lamm

Hello Fountain family! My name is Gabby Lamm and I am the Fundraising and Development Intern at The Fountain this summer. I am a rising sophomore at Brandeis University, where I am studying Theatre, Psychology, and Classical Studies. In my free time (a rare commodity) I enjoy reading (avid Harry Potter fan), swimming, cooking, SCUBA diving, and talking about ancient things. Due to a combination of widespread interests and chronic indecisiveness, I have not yet nailed down what I want to pursue post-college, and as a result I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to work at this incredible theatre for the next 10 weeks and experience what is involved in running a “real world” theatre.

I have been involved in theatre for as long as I can remember. Before coming to the unfortunate realization that I can sing as well as a fish can climb a mountain, I participated in musical theatre—and although I mercifully ended my musical career in middle school, my love and appreciation for musicals has not faded. In high school, I exclusively acted in straight plays until my senior year when I was introduced to the magic of behind-the-scenes production as an assistant director. When I entered Brandeis, I explored this magic even further: first semester I assistant stage-managed and assistant produced two undergraduate shows, and second semester I produced a show and directed a senior thesis. I am constantly in awe of my peers’ talent, both onstage and, especially, backstage. Observing these students, from my very own peer group, collaborate to put together entire productions from start to finish is inspiring and humbling, and I enjoyed it so much that I sought out a theatre job this summer exclusively to see if real-world theatre can compare to the amazing experience I’ve had in the past year at Brandeis.

Turns out that I have likely made the right decision: from just these past few days, it is clear the Fountain is an amazing community and I feel more than welcomed into the family. I am honored and grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with everyone, and I look forward to being able to contribute to the team.

The Fountain Theatre thanks the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles County Arts Commission for the support of their Summer Internship Program.

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