Stay Tuned: Exciting News Soon on the London Opening of the Hit Comedy/Drama ‘Bakersfield Mist’

Coming soon

Shhhh … it’s still a secret. But big news is coming later this week on the London opening of the hit comedy/drama Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs. The all-star cast for the London production will be announced this week, as well as the director, venue and production dates. Tickets will go on sale immediately.

First created and launched at the Fountain Theatre in 2011 starring Jenny O’Hara and Nick Ullett, Bakersfield Mist tells the story of Maude Gutman, a middle-aged lady who bought a painting in a thrift store for three bucks. She’s now convinced it’s a long-lost Jackson Pollock masterpeice worth millions. The play unfolds when a world-famous art expert from Manhattan arrives at Maude’s trailer park door to appraise whether her painting is, in fact, authentic. The world premiere was a smash hit at the Fountain, running for 7 months and extended three times. 

From the Fountain Theatre Production (2011)

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