NOW CASTING: Los Angeles Premiere of ‘My Name is Asher Lev’ at the Fountain Theatre

ASHER LEV logoThe Fountain Theatre is now casting the Los Angeles Premiere of the acclaimed new play, MY NAME IS ASHER LEV by Aaron Posner, adapted from the beloved best-selling novel by Chaim Potok (The Chosen). Winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play and the John Gassner Award. The LA Premiere runs February 15 – April 20, 2014, at the Fountain Theatre,  directed by Stephen Sachs

STORYLINE: Set in post-war Brooklyn, the powerful coming-of-age story of a Jewish boy’s struggle to become an artist against the will of his Orthodox parents, community and tradition. Asher Lev could be the next Picasso. But as the son of devout Hasidic parents who struggle to understand the value of his art, Asher Lev is torn apart. He knows he is commanded to honor his parents, but he must also be true to himself. As we glimpse the pieces of Asher’s painful past, we witness events that climax in his most famous work and the decision that will change his life forever.


[RIVKEH LEV/OTHERS] – 35-45, versatile actress to play multiple roles: RIVKEH, Asher’s mother. A caring, broken woman torn between her husband and her son. Shattered by the sudden death of her brother, she becomes Asher’s tragic muse. ANNA, a gallery owner and talent seeker. RACHEL, a model.

[ARYEH LEV/OTHERS]– 40 – 55, versatile actor to play multiple roles: ARYEH, Asher’s father. A dedicated, well-respected man and stern father. Stubborn, close-minded, he struggles to understand how painting could be important to his son. YITZCHOK, Rivkeh’s warm-hearted, gregarious brother. REBBE, the wise leader of the Hasidic community. JACOB KAHN, a fiery older man and well-known artist, who becomes Asher’s blunt, life-affirming mentor.

[ASHER LEV] 20’s-30 (ages from 12 – 30). Sensitive, intelligent, aware. Wise beyond his years. A highly gifted painter, an observant Jew. Fiercely determined to discover his true self. Seeking strong actor with deep emotional well and stage command, speaks directly to audience.

Auditions: Dec 17 – Dec 20, 1pm – 5pm. By appointment only. 

Send pic & resume to: Fountain Theatre,  Attn: MY NAME IS ASHER LEV, 5060 Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029


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