Fountain Family Spotlight: Bruce Bisenz

Brice Bisenz PHOTO color
I fell in love with Flamenco as a teenager listening to Carmen Amaya. From that time on I was always looking for live Flamenco-and that’s the real stuff not “Spanish Dance.” I came to find out that the Fountain Theatre was THE place. Debroah Lawlor has been the Flamenco Patron for Los Angeles.
The Fountain’s years-long series Forever Flamenco really changed my life.
During the time when the series played every Sunday, I remember a bystander asking me “Why do you come every Sunday” to which I answered “Because they only do it on Sunday.” I went from an avid watcher/listener to a photographer documenting the passionate artists on the Fountain’s intimate stage. This has become more than an avocation. It is so rewarding that I can provide some small support to this unique art I love.
The Fountain Theatre has a small dedicated team of writers, producers and directors. They have a year-round schedule of plays that showcase their 80-seat theatre. With such modest facilities you might assume that the dramatic quality is, similarly, modest. You would be wrong! So it was with great excitement that I learned that Stephen Sachs had written a Flamenco themed play, Heart Song.
All women are beautiful when they dance Flamenco. Such beauty and passion– my camera loves them all.

– Bruce Bisenz

Bruce is the subject of the award-winning flamenco film Kumpania:

See Kumpania at the Fountain July 19 followed by a live solo concert by flamenco guitar master Jose Tanaka.  MORE INFO 

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