Smash Hit Comedy/Drama ‘Heart Song’ Extends to August 25th at the Fountain Theatre

"Heart Song" at the Fountain Theatre

“Heart Song” at the Fountain Theatre

Hailed as “superb” and “magnificent” by critics and audiences alike, the Fountain Theatre’s acclaimed hit comedy/drama Heart Song has been extended to August 25th. The Hollywood Reporter cheers Heart Song as “a genuine delight”, the LA Weekly heralds it as “beautifully performed,” and Broadway World declares Heart Song “a celebration of life you won’t want to miss.” 

Written by Stephen Sachs and directed by Shirley Jo Finney, Heart Song follows the funny and touching journey of Rochelle (Pamela Dunlap), a middle-aged Jewish woman in New York City struggling through a mid-life crisis and the recent loss of her mother. When Rochelle is convinced to take a flamenco class with other women led by a passionate Gypsy instructor (Denise Blasor), her life and world-view is changed forever.   

The Fountain Theatre world premiere has earned rave reviews and sold-out houses since it opened  in May.

MIRACULOUS! A tender, deeply layered journey to the center of a woman’s soul.” – Stage Happenings
EXTRAORDINARY!  I wanted to jump up and shout ‘Bravo’ when the lights came up!” Los Angeles Post 
DAZZLING! A transcendent evening of theatre!”   – Explore Dance
A MUST SEE! It will make you laugh one minute and sad the next, but in the end you will be thrilled. “  – Los Angeles Post   

ELECTRIFYING! At once contagiously funny and fiercely dramatic, touching every emotion. Top-notch direction and a resplendent cast, Heart Song is a life-affirming poem that must be experienced.” – Broadway World

FLAWLESS! The acting is fabulous and the dancing spectacular!” – LASplash
VERY FUNNY! Extraordinarily moving!” On Stage Los Angeles

The play’s mesmerizing mixture of drama, comedy and flamenco music/dance has been the highlight of feature stories in the Jewish Journal and the Los Angeles Times.  

Tamlyn Tomita, Juanita Jennings, Pamela Dunlap in "Heart Song"

Tamlyn Tomita, Juanita Jennings, Pamela Dunlap in “Heart Song”

Heart Song stars Denise Blasor, Andrea Dantas, Pamela Dunlap, Juanita Jennings, Mindy Krasner, Elissa Kyriacou, Sherrie Lewandowski, and Tamlyn Tomita. Choreography by Maria Bermudez.

Heart Song Extended to Aug 25  (323) 663-1525  MORE

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