We Get Mail: Teacher Hails “Wow of an evening” for ‘In the Red and Brown Water’

Joan Martin

Dear Fountain Theatre,

Just wanted you to know my friends and I were astonished at the wonderment of the play, In the Red and Brown Water. It was  exhilarating and haunting at the same time.  The ensemble did not “perform”. They were an in-the-moment reality.

The Fountain can always be counted on to entertain, educate, and explore the human condition in a way no other theater in town can match. In the Red and Brown Water is another proud achievement for the Fountain Theatre.

My friends and I were all teachers. One was a professor at Cal State Northridge (CSUN). Another taught middle school and I taught high school. We have all experienced using mythology in the classroom because, hard to believe, students can actually relate to that genre. Well, obviously, so can adults.  I taught Theater Arts and have presented plays, once in a while, where the actors actually include the stage directions in the dialogue. Usually have done this when the plays are performed for youngsters.   The playwright  (McCranney) used this technique in a way that did the same thing for adults. It was a wonderful way to show that the actors were both  “part of a tale” and “telling a tale”.

It was a WOW of an evening! Not soon forgotten. Good to see you….and, of course, wishing you well as do all your fans.

– Joan Martin

“In the Red and Brown Water” at the Fountain Theatre

In the Red and Brown Water Now – Dec 16 (323) 663-1525  More

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