Poem by ‘Red and Brown Water’ Actress Iona Morris Celebrates “magic, mystery, song, dance”

Cast rehearsal, “In the Red and Brown Water”

Sharing this poem written by actress Iona Morris from the cast of  In the Red and Brown Water.

Magic, mystery, song, dance, lights, costume, set
We have all been gathered together, to again bring our best
As actors speak the words of an author who has bled for his story
Where we all get to creatively breathe life through it, for all its glory.
Every day each of us spends the time to be inspired with this script
To do our job passionately, for this is how we live
With the spirits of creativity, the Gods and Goddesses of imagination
It is us the artist, appearing in many forms who inspires all nations.
So, as your day goes, the hours tick and the minutes fly by
Take a moment to be thankful for the way you live your life
For it is no accident that you and me and all of us are together
Honey, the things we will do come October 20th, will be completely untethered
With magic, mystery, song, dance, lights, costume, set,
The director, the stage manager, pr, producers and support team we’ve yet met
Passion, truth, vulnerability blown wide, in this marvelous journey we lead here,
Will inspire the audiences who will witness your brilliance
at the magnificent Fountain Theatre!
– Iona Morris
Iona Morris is a stage, film, television and voice-over actress. She plays Aunt Elegua in our upcoming LA Premiere of  In the Red and Brown Water
In the Red and Brown Water  Oct 20 – Dec 16  (323) 663-1525  More

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