Jessica’s Journal: Goodbye for Now

by Jessica Broutt

Let me start my last blog post of the summer by saying that I am not a big fan of change.  I love re-reading books, seeing movies over and over, and staying friends with people who I have known a long time.  I find sameness very comforting.  And now, after sitting at the same desk and showing up to work at the same time for the last ten weeks, tomorrow will be my last day at The Fountain.

Obviously, this being my last day makes me very sad because I love everything about this theatre.  I love driving to The Fountain on the 101 and passing Capitol Records because I always feel like I’m in a movie about living in Los Angeles.  I love the fact that The Fountain Theatre is not only on Fountain Avenue but there is an actual fountain in the parking lot. I love knowing that no matter what time I come in Scott will always be in the office before me.  I love sitting at my pink desk and waiting for my computer to load.  I love that when Stephen comes in he always comes to my desk to say hello.  I love that Diana thinks I’m a computer genius because I know how to hit the refresh button.  I love that our bathroom has a bathtub. I love that after 10 weeks I finally know how to use our printer. I love that James pretended like I wasn’t a complete idiot when it took me a considerable amount of time to figure out how to use the printer in question. I love saying hello to Deborah as she comes in and saying goodbye to Simon when I leave.  And I really love writing grants and blogs and e-mails, and whatever else I’m asked to do. But what these little things really mean when you put them all together is that I just love working at The Fountain.

I know I have said this in most all of my blog posts, but being an intern here really has been incredible.  And while I was partly surprised that it has been so wonderful, a part of me knew that it would be from the moment I got the job.  After a phone interview with Stephen, I was asked to come in for a face to face interview with Simon, Stephen, and Deborah.  I came in and thought it went really well and was waiting to hear Stephen offer me the job. But that didn’t happen.  I drove away thinking that it must have not gone as well as I’d thought.  Then, about 5 minutes after I had pulled out of the lot I got a call from Stephen, first chastising me for answering the phone while I was driving, and after clarifying that I had blue tooth, he said, “We talked it over and decided that you’re hired.” Right then I knew that any person that would call me five minutes after I left and then question why I would answer the phone while I was driving, was the kind of person I would be happy to work with.  And I’ve been so happy these past 10 weeks.  I have been spoiled for any other organization because now I know what being an intern should be like, and I can’t wait for my next opportunity to come back.

So while change is not something I’ve ever been too fond of, starting at the Fountain was the best change I’ve ever experienced.  And now I can tell you first hand that not only is the Fountain Theatre intimate and excellent because of its space and the theatre produced here, but because of the people who work here as well.

Jessica Broutt is our summer intern from UC San Diego. We thank the LA County Arts Commission and its Arts Internship Program for its support. 

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  1. Jessica, your blog is creative, interesting and informative…it rocks!

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