URGENT: No Sales Tax on Theatre Tickets!

The Fountain Theatre has just learned of an issue that would have an adverse impact on you, on us, and other theatres throughout California. A bill is going before the California legislature on Monday that will impose a sales tax on tickets to live theatre productions.

A bill recently introduced by Assembly Member Gatto would impose a SALES TAX on “access to live theater productions through the purchase of a ticket.” In an effort to quickly move the bill through the legislature and reduce industry opposition, this proposal does NOT include sales tax on other forms of entertainment, such as concerts and sporting events.

We apologize for the short notice, however the bill will be before the Committee for Revenue and Taxation on Monday, April 23 so letters of opposition should be sent TODAY and throughout this weekend. Fortunately, there is no Senate companion bill at this time, but it is imperative the Assembly be made aware that nonprofit theatres oppose this tax. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO FIND A SAMPLE LETTER!

In particular, it is important to point out that theatre tickets are not only sold to wealthy patrons. Many people have to struggle to afford a theatre ticket. The arts help communities prosper. Theatres are a business magnet – how many restaurants are thriving because of our theatre? Theatre companies are employers – and this tax will provide an economic disincentive for the purchase of tickets and will have a chilling effect on all the economic good and public value offered by our theatre.

We recommend that you immediately CALL and WRITE/EMAIL Assembly Member Gatto and the ten members of the Committee (all contact information provided below) to express your objections.

The clock is ticking on this one. Time is of the essence. We urge you to send an outcry of protest right away.

To contact Assemblyman Mike Gatto, call Aaron Moreno, who is staffing the bill, at (916) 319-2043, or email:  aaron.moreno@asm.ca.gov.
To contact the 10 members of the Committee, click here.
For a sample letter, click here.
To read the bill, go here.

Do YOU Want to pay TAX on a Theatre Ticket?

Fire off an email! Do it NOW! It’s QUICK and EASY!

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