Photos: “Forever Flamenco” Back Home at the Intimate Fountain Theatre

Deborah Lawlor

After almost one year of presenting the smash hit Forever Flamenco in the 300-seat Gallery Theatre  in Barnsdall Park, producer Deborah Lawlor brought it “back home” to the intimate 78-seat Fountain Theatre for a special concert on March 18. The show was passionate, exhilarating, and a dynamic reminder that nothing beats experiencing Flamenco up-close-and-personal just a few feet away from your seat.

The thrilling close proximity was also a blessing for longtime Flamenco photographer Bruce Bisenz, who has brilliantly chronicled the Flamenco scene in Los Angeles with his camera for many years.

Here is a collection of vibrant photos of the March 18 performance taken by Bruce Bisenz, including this one we’re now using for  the new Forever Flamenco poster:

“This extraordinary image was one result of the performance, ” says Bruce.  “So perfect that it looks like a posed set up.  I would point out to you the symmetry of 100 years of Flamenco (1912 and 2012), both ladies in white dresses,  their complementary posture and, finally, the change in the role of women as indicated by the extraordinary and uninhibited Paloma, live and unposed.This is, again, the result of the intimate magic of  Flamenco at the Fountain.”

More Gorgeous Photos by Bruce Bisenz of the March 18 performance of Forever Flamenco at the Fountain: 

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  1. Bruce you are a master of photography!!!! I love your work. Congratulations.

  2. Your work is out of this world. You capture the true essence of the flamenco duende is all of your work. Congratulations for your excellent work.

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