Snapshots: “Cyrano” Production Design Meeting

Our upcoming new signed/spoken production of Cyrano not only simultaneously blends ASL with spoken word, the set design will incorporate a network of video monitors throughout the stage that will provide captioning for deaf audiences and serve as a video portal through which the audience experiences the e-language and imagery of the internet.

This world premiere new version of the romantic classic is now set in a modern city. Language and communication (and the struggle to connect and communicate)  are major themes in the new play. The internet and iphones, Facebook and texting, play a major role in our modern electronic lives. And they will be important elements in this re-imagined new version of Cyrano.

The “electronic network” of video monitors will come to life on stage via the  artistry of video designer Jeff Teeter and the Multi-Media Technicians at Media Fabricators, Inc.

The Cyrano design and production team met yesterday at the Fountain with director Simon Levy to discuss and plan the many creative elements of the new play.

Director Simon Levy and DWT Artistic Director David Kurs look on as the "Cyrano" design team shares ideas.

Video designer Jeff Teeter and Fountain Technical Director Scott Tuomey.

Set designer Jeff McLaughlin contemplates the cyberworld set for "Cyrano" with sound designer Peter Bayne.

Production stage manager Susan Karutz.

Cyrano April 20 – June 10  (323) 663-1525  More Info  Get Tickets

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