Actors Enjoying the Trip to “Bakersfield Mist”

Robert Pine

What a wonderful evening! I saw Jenny and Nick last night in your play and I was absolutely blown away by every aspect of the work. Your actors were magnificent, the set was wonderful and the play was just fabulous, full of laughs, intellect, wit and feeling. It contained everything to provide a very special evening. Thank you. I’m sure it has a long and prosperous life ahead of it. Congratulations.  – Robert Pine

Peter Van Norden

GO see Stephen’s brilliant and beautifully felt play, BAKERSFIELD MIST at The Fountain Theatre. Moving, funny and oh, so human. Lovely performances under Stephen’s guiding hand, and a great script that every theatre across the country should be jumping at the opportunity to do! Bravos to all involved! – Peter Van Norden

Bakersfield Mist (323) 663-1525 More Info   Final 4 Shows to Dec 18

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