Fountain Member Roy Allen calls ‘Bakersfield Mist’ “Miraculous!”

Roy Allen

I brought a guest to last Friday's performance of Bakersfield Mist and we were both swept away by the brilliant script and the masterful performance of two pros in their prime! The script was pitch perfect and the actors never put a wrong foot forward! Miraculous! Thank you for the uncompromising work and transcendent values this performance represents.

My compliments on the production itself - and the extraordinary reception it has won among LA audiences - but equally important, to the Fountain Theatre and it's management for the path you have chosen and the excellence and consistency you have achieved. It's truly astonishing in a town where theater on this level is a rare find!

My experience at the Fountain reminds me of when I lived in NYC and attended Broadway and Off Broadway performances. I didn't want to have to be concerned about the quality of the production. I wanted to count on a standard that would always be sufficient to allow me to be swept away by the experience of the play! Such is the character of the performances at the Fountain Theatre!



Roy Allen

Los Angeles

Bakersfield Mist runs to Dec 18 (323) 663-1525

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