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Recent Emails from Members of the Fountain Family: Everybody Loves “Bakersfield Mist”!

I love the Fountain Theatre and am glad to be a supporter. First class! –Bernadine Bednarz (Oct 20)

Jenny O'Hara signs an autograph after a performance.

We saw it and enjoyed it a great deal, and have recommended it to friends. – Valerie Fields (Oct 20)

This is truly a wonderful production and I hope it continues and travels throughout the state and country. In my many years as a theatre- goer, I have rarely enjoyed a performance more than the presentation of Bakersfield Mist. It inspires me to attend more of Fountain’s productions from my base in OC. Thank you thank you, thank you! – Leah Vasquez, Laguna Beach (Oct 20)

We saw the play on Saturday, and all four of us thought it was OUTSTANDING! Actually, we were not surprised, because ALL of your productions are outstanding. Keep up the good work. – Dorothy and Jules Burg (Oct 20)

The show is truly delightful and thought-provoking. Jenny gives a powerhouse performance! – Kevin High (Oct 20)

Kudos to all at the Fountain continuing to perform in excellence. We are proud members and will continue to be. Love to all, Dominic and Armida Rubino (Oct 20)

Thank you! Thank you! My sister and I really enjoyed Bakersfield Mist! What a great play, good writing and excellent acting by two great performers. We really enjoyed it. I can see why it has been extended again and again. – Karen Hougaard (Oct 9)

We really enjoyed the show. Acting was excellent and the detailed set amazing. I will tell my friends and urge them to go. We went on the advice of our daughter. – Val Fields (Oct 3)

My wife and I attended last Thursday nites performance. We both rate it a 10 from all standpoints, including acting, stage design, and of course the superb writing. Congrats to all. You are ready for Broadway, but the Fountain will do for us, as the productions are always first rate and the cost of gas is much cheaper than airline tickets to the Big Apple. Thanks for a wonderful evening! – Stephen Dem (Sept 27)

Last night when I went to see “Jolson at the Winter Garden” [at the El Portal in North Hollywood]. About ten minutes to curtain, these two ladies were just raving about Bakersfield Mist. They were seated right behind me and they kept going on and on about the show with everyone in the aisle, including a couple of women seated in my aisle. They were going so far as telling people (strangers!) how to get to the Fountain and the whole husband and wife angle. It was really sweet. Talk about word of mouth! They were still prattling on about Bakersfield Mist as the house lights went down. You got all of LA talking!! – Michelle (Sept 23)

Prof. Richard Walter, UCLA

Sachs is a freakin’ genius!!! The performances were absolutely stupendous! Brilliant set and tech work. I’m putting out the information to all our students at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and TV. I’m also going to recommend it to the several hundred students in my screenwriting fundamentals course. – Prof. Richard Walter (Sept 26)

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