Opening Night: “When They Go, And You Do Not”

Susan Merson and director Bob Jaffe

The birth of something new. The start of a new journey. Summoning the joy and courage to declare to another human being:  This is who I am. This is where I’ve been. The path ahead is uncertain. But join me as I take the next ecstatic step forward. The joyful noise of a soul opened and exposed. A heart shared. These affirmations swirl throughout Susan Merson’s new solo play, and illuminated the Opening Night of the World Premiere last night at the Fountain.

When They Go, And You Do Not is a funny and moving solo journey about love, loss and starting over. In the play, Wendy rediscovers the elements of living that pull her toward her new beginning after recovering from the death of her husband. Giving up old habits, letting go of what was, accepting new lovers and a new beginning, she finds the richness in her loss and the ways in which we all make it to the next step.

Last night at the World Premiere Opening, the tzotchke-laden trailer home set for Bakersfield Mist was masked by black flats and curtains to create a simple neutral environment for When They Go. The funny and touching one-hour solo play is performed by Merson herself.

The project furthers the Fountain’s mission to support the creation, development and presentation of new work. The guest production at the Fountain is presented in association with New York Theatre Intensives.

When They Go And You Do Not is FREE to all Fountain Members ($15 to the general public). Fountain Members in attendance last night included Candace Anderson, Donald Broder, Leslie Carlson, Pam Ford, Andre DeToledo, Ashken Evrard, Marc McVey, Lois Miller, Debbie and Ashley Posner, Leno Sislin, Susan Spira, and Kathy Weiss.  Fountain Membership Maven Diana Gibson was in the lobby greeting and trading quips with members as they arrived.

Many thanks to Fountain tech Director Scott Tuomey, Stage Manager Terri Roberts, and Box Office attendant Paige Potter for helping to make the night a success.

When They Go And You Do Not runs Mon-Wed, Oct 10 – 12, 17 – 19, 8pm. Call (323) 663-1525.

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