Fountain Spotlight: Susan Merson Going Solo

“Laughter is part of the journey, sometimes found in the strangest places. It’s all part of the game.” – Susan Merson

Actress/writer Susan Merson is a survivor, and a believer that life should be celebrated. Her one-woman play, When They Go, And You Do Not is a funny and moving solo journey about love, loss and starting over.

In the play, Wendy rediscovers the elements of living that pull her toward her new beginning after recovering from the death of her husband. Giving up old habits, letting go of what was, accepting new lovers and a new beginning, she finds the richness in her loss and the ways in which we all make it to the next step.

Susan Merson is a film, TV and stage actress. She has appeared on Broadway, Off Broadway, in regional theatres, on television and in major motion pictures. She has written and performed eight solo pieces around the country, and has written a book outlining how to create and develop a solo play.

“I have always performed my own work,” she explains. “It seems to be the job I have on the planet. The words come to me and over the years I have come to realize that they come not just for me but through me. So I share the work. A mirror.”

While developing this new piece, looking into that mirror must have been painful, at times. And required a brutal honesty and courageous sense of humor. In the play, Wendy’s journey of walking-through-loss mirrors the one recently experienced by Susan herself.

“I have been a solo performer for many years. This is my ninth piece. But only the second that is based on my own life experience. And ‘based on’ is the most important aspect. The reason to tell this story is the universal theme that it demonstrates. Rather than a visitation of the dead. Heavens forfend!”

“We all go through loss in life. Lots of folk have horrendous stories. Mine is no worse than many others. But I am telling this story about life and the richness that life keeps offering, no matter what our circumstance.”

“What Wendy discovers in this piece is the balance between life and death, between loss and gain, and the sustenance of humor and friendship. Hopefully folk will see themselves and their own strengths in the piece, begin to understand the resource and richness of their lives and can celebrate the everyday in every way! Laughter is part of the journey, sometimes found in the strangest places. It’s all part of the game.”

When They Go, And You Do Not is a guest production at the Fountain, presented Mon-Wed, Oct 10-12, 17-19. Call (323) 663-1525 or click here for more info.

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