Nick Ullett: From Connoisseur to Crime Boss

Actor Nick Ullett is earning rave reviews as the snooty art expert Lionel Percy in the critically acclaimed Fountain hit, Bakersfield Mist. His performance hailed as a tour de force. Who could imagine that, within the same actor, lives not only the hilariously thoughtful, gentle, sophisticated, highly intelligent and erudite Lionel Percy but also Big Alan, a ruthless, menacing, unethical, sinister mobster? Find out when you see Geezas, the soon-to-be-released movie featuring Nick Ullett.

Nick Ullett as Big Alan in "Geezas"

Geezas is a British gangster movie,” explains Nick.  “I play the head of the family. Big Alan. I send my son, Dodger, to Los Angeles to retrieve his baby sister and the cash she ran away with. Things don’t go as planned, putting Dodger and his new crew (Eddie, a hipster bookie and Jones, an underground boxer) in the sights of Latino gangbangers and West Hollywood’s Gay Mafia.”

The notorious character Nick plays? He dryly describes him: “Big Alan is a family man who has no scruples when it comes to business.”

Nick as art expert Lionel Percy in "Bakersfield Mist"

“This was a wonderful experience of working with young actors and directors (yes there are two of them) who decided that they wanted to make a movie and DID IT. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was.”

Speaking of fun — if you haven’t yet seen Nick and his wife (and co-star) Jenny O’Hara in the smash hit comedy/drama Bakersfield Mist   you’re in luck! The funny and thought-provoking new play about art has been extended (3rd time) to December 18th. For tickets call (323) 663-1525 or click here.

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