Fountain Family Spotlight: Carolyn and Bud Rorman

by Carolyn & Bud Rorman

It’s been 8 years since our introduction to the Fountain Theatre. We heard about To Be Young, Gifted and Black and put it on our list of “must see’s” as Bud’s cousin, Robert Nemiroff, had produced this play adapted from the works of Lorraine Hansberry Nemiroff. Of course, we were thrilled with Bobby’s play and have made the trek from So. Orange County to Hollywood ever since.

We were especially excited when another Fountain hit, Exits and Entrances, showed up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. And since we just happened to be there, we had to see it again.

We’ll continue attending the Fountain Theatre until we are no longer able to drive. Hopefully that will be a long while.

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