Aria Alpert Thrilled with New Role as Mother

Aria Alpert

We all know and love Aria Alpert from her acclaimed performance (Ovation Award nomination, Best Actress) as scientist Rosalind Franklin in the 2009 Fountain west coast premiere of Photograph 51. Exciting news to share: she’s having a baby!

Since Photo 51, Aria did some travelling. “I ate and blogged my way through Italy,” she says. “And very unexpectedly fell in love with Chris, the creative director/photographer of the blog I wrote for during my trip. We met over freaking video chat! When I got back to NYC he flew to meet me in person and well, that was last August and now we are happy as can be and…baby makes three!”
Along the way she did a guest star on Law and Order SVU and dabbled in directing some one-act plays down in the east village in NY. She loved directing and wants to do more. Right now she is doing a Larry Moss master class acting workshop.

Aria in "Photograph 51"

She is moving back to LA “for now”. Doing some writing and collaborating with Chris on a cookbook. “I am doing the writing and recipes and he is taking the pictures”.

“All is well with the pregnancy. These days I am eating and sleeping and growing … growing… growing! My life in this past year has been filled with delicious unexpected delightful yummy adventures… and it still goes ….. on and on!”

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  1. Hey sweetie, met you when my friend Kerby Joe Grubb co starred with you in Photograph 51.
    Congratulations on the new addition to your life and I wish you and Chris much continued health and happiness!

  2. Hi Regan! Doesn’t Aria look beautiful? We’re all so thrilled for her. Have you seen Kerby Joe recently? What’s he up to?

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