Spotlight: Misty Carlisle Finds All the Right Stuff for “Bakersfield Mist”

Misty Carlisle

As props designer and set dresser for Bakersfield Mist, Misty Carlisle was in charge of finding all the cool stuff you see in Maude’s trailer home. All those fun and bizarre little tchotkes that Maude collects. Misty is also a theatre producer/director and actor.

Did you enjoy doing set dressing for Bakersfield Mist? 
Very much so.   I was immediately inspired after reading this play. It is so creatively fulfilling knowing set dressing and props are an integral part in telling a story and defining a character like Maude Gutman.
What was your experience like at the Fountain, as a designer? This is my second collaboration with the Fountain and what I love about it is designers are really given the creative freedom and trust to come in with their ideas.   When you work in an environment like this, you are able to grow as an artist. 


What’s it like being part of the Fountain Family?  I had made a short list last year of who I would love to work with, and the Fountain was at the top.  I’ve been seeing plays at the Fountain for years. I’ve worked closely with set designer Jeff McLaughlin on the last two plays and he is a great collaborator and team player.  The artistic integrity here is unparalleled.  Stephen, Simon, and Deborah are just operating on a higher frequency and it’s wonderful to be included.  

Was it hard finding all that stuff that goes on the set? Where did you find all that stuff?  Once I did my homework and created a picture with Jeff, I knew where to go.  It was either found on my route of thrift stores or built.

Was it fun?  This play was a blast to do.  We would laugh alot when discussing specific details about Maude’s character.  From easy-to-make drunk food in the cupboard to Maude smoking 100’s because they last longer was so much fun.

Audiences love the set dressing for Bakersfield. Before the play starts, they love to sit and look at the set and point out all the bizarre objects that are on it. Does it give you pleasure that people are enjoying the set so much?  Such a pleasure and totally unexpected.  I happened to be producing a play that opened at the same time for the Hollywood Fringe Festival and when I introduce myself to people, they immediately go, “Oh, you’re the prop designer on Bakersfield Mist!”   I am very proud to be a part of this production. Bakersfield Mist is the talk of the town! 

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